Training those with a Heart for Caregiving.

You cannot train a heart I heard long ago. It is so true. Each and every day we screen, test and evaluate new applicants for caregivers.But regardless of their experience the one guiding principle I have stood by in my 35 years of health care is that we must hire a heart first and train second.

Caregiving is a calling. Yes there are many good hearted souls who cannot be trained or their hearts are too full of mercy to stand the tests of the will in providing care. However I know for sure that if a person’s heart is not bent toward service and mercy to another, no amount of training can fill that gap.

As we all live longer, the challenge for all of us as health professionals is to prepare caring hearts with many methods of training—Internet based blogs, in home demonstrations, and new technologies to assist. We have the challenge of giving ourselves to the next generation to share the knowledge we have to help individuals age in place.

Join me in your comments on how we can best serve as mentors and trainers for caregivers.

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