Why a Person’s Life story is Important

Enjoying Wedding Memories

Re-member Me——–I am not another person with Dementia

Re-member Me as you pass down the aisles and stare

Re-member Me as my appearance causes you to glare

Re-member Me as you think of how sad

Re-member Me as I talk of old love and am glad

For I am not the women in Room 263

I am a young girl full of glee

For I am not what you see down the hall

Why I am a brilliant inventor and all

For while I look like I have no where to go

I really need you to be there to show

Me all the wonderful things

Of how the world is alive and sings.

We all age as you will find out

So help me now and do not shout

I can hear your commands real well

I just need you to cue me- not tell

I am young, I am old – I have a Life Story

It is there for you to find my glory

Please see and Re- member me

I am a whole person you see.

Life is so short and we are gone

But the memories are never worn

They are alive as we are willing to share

I am glad you came here to care.

To Re- member Me.

Inspired by those I care for—– Beth Cayce

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