21 ways for seniors to have fun together


There are tons of ways for seniors to have fun; but it all starts with doing things together! Sometimes we all need a little brainstorming starter kit, so we boiled it down to this list of 21 ways for seniors to have fun together. What’s your favorite?

  1. Binge watch a favorite TV show. Don’t waste a perfectly good rainy day by watching TV alone. Grab your other retired friends and a bowl of popcorn and fire up your favorite old shows or the new ones you’ve been wanting to watch.
  2. Schedule a morning walk – it’s one of the classic ways for seniors to have fun together! Make a habit of taking a morning walk with your friend several times a week. Fitness is more fun and more likely to happen when you have a friend exercising with you.
  3. Enjoy a “Grandchildren Day.” Invite everyone’s grandkids over for arts and crafts? Barbecue and slip n’ slide? Embrace your inner child and come up with fun ideas to celebrate each other’s grandchildren.
  4. Have a picnic. Eating a meal outside just seems to make it special. Take dinner to a nearby green space, or plan an outing together and grill at a favorite park.
  5. Join or start a team together. Whether it’s cards league, shuffleboard or even a bocce ball league, playing games together is a great way to encourage a team spirit on the field and at home.
  6. Stay-at-home spa day. Pull out the nail polish and facial masks, call in the massages and enjoy a spa day at home together. Soaking feet in warm water is a great way to relax as a team.
  7. Introduce friends to your favorite places in town. Whether it’s a coffee shop, movie theater or local bookshop, take your friend to a place you really enjoy in your community. Ask him or her to do the same. It will give you both insights into what makes the other person smile.
  8. Host a wine tasting. Have each guest contribute an inexpensive bottle of wine. Try them in small sips and decide which one you like best. Or, have a coffee/sun-tea tasting!
  9. Create a question bowl. Write open-ended questions on slips of paper and put them in a bowl in the middle of the breakfast table. Answering questions like “What was your favorite vacation?” and “Which superpower do you wish you had?” when you’re lounging around the table is a fun way to get to know your friends.
  10. Cultural day. Take advantage of the museums or other arts opportunities in your area. Research before you go – most museums offer free tours that will give seniors an even richer experience.
  11. Cook one meal a week together. Friends can alternate who cooks the meal or everyone can chip in.
  12. Plant a garden. Have a green thumb? Work together with your friends on a little garden project! Or if a full vegetable garden isn’t your thing, clear a small patch together, grab a pack of mystery seeds and see what blooms. Friendship certainly will.
  13. Take a fitness class together. Check your local gym or senior center for a fitness class that you can take together. Area churches many times provide space for pay-as-you-go fitness classes such as Jazzercise and Zumba that do not require a long-term commitment.
  14. Create a birthday tradition. Celebrate the wonderful years your friend has been on this planet by establishing a new birthday tradition. Keep it simple so that you’ll keep the tradition going; a cupcake and a favorite cup of coffee is a great way to let each other know you care.
  15. One of the easiest ways for seniors to have fun together: by starting a book club. Hearing your friend’s perspective of the book you’re reading is a wonderful way to get to know them. Alternate between the latest best seller and the classics.
  16. Plan a daytrip. Once a month, take turns planning a fun day out of town. That day spent on a hike, at an outlet mall or exploring the next town over will create inclusive, “Remember when…” memories for your group.
  17. Grocery shop together. Nothing makes the mundane task of grocery shopping more fun than strolling the aisles with a friend. Who would’ve ever imagined a trip to Publix could be one of the ways for seniors to have fun together? Just goes to show…it’s all about mindset!
  18. Create a shared music collection. Ask your friends to go through their albums, tapes, CDs and iPods and select favorite songs. Then compile them to create a shared collection. A great way to start a morning or end an evening is with the gentle strains of everyone’s favorite music playing through the house.
  19. Play cards or a board game. A little healthy competition is a great way to get fired up with your friends. Just remember to be nice! You still have to like one another when the dice get put away.
  20. Dessert buffet. Indulge your sweet tooth and follow up dinner with a dessert buffet! Each guest can cook or purchase their favorite dessert to contribute. Make it even more fun and invite even more friends, too!
  21. The one rule that guides all other ways for seniors to have fun? Encourage your spontaneous. You can’t always plan those days when you have a little more pep in your step. Seize the moment by inviting a friend to meet and chat or go for a walk — just get out of the house and go with it!

This article derived from 21 inexpensive ways for seniors to have fun with housemates

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