Wanda Edge: Caregiver of the Month

Check out this letter we received in celebration of our September caregiver of the month, Wanda Edge. Congrats Wanda!


Although we continue to enjoy our relationships with many CaraVita personnel, I want you to know how much we especially appreciate three of the CaraVita caregivers who tended [our mother] in her last days. Of course, you know that Wanda Edge is particularly dear to us. We are grateful she was available to be assigned to Mother during the weekdays we needed so much help. She continues to be a great comfort to Daddy on a daily basis. It is also reassuring to the rest of the family to know that she is with Daddy when we can’t be there. She does an excellent job of anticipating and meeting his needs.

Since CaraVita management can’t [always] be with clients to observe their employees in action, I thought it might be helpful to know how these ladies have been — and in Wanda’s case, continue to be — a blessing. Thank you for sending them to us.



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