Understanding Senior Care Options


Navigating Care: A Roadmap

Getting Started.

If one thing is certain in this world, it’s uncertainty. Never is this truer than when things change for our loved ones. As our parents age, or when accidents or illness bring forth long term medical and therapeutic needs in loved ones of any age, the rhythm of daily life for everyone close by will change. It’s stressful, and so often emotional to see life change. The logistics, the questions, the alterations to homes, the moves, and all of it without any assurances that life will ever be the same again.

There are, however simple truths that we’ve found, serving families and situations just like yours that tend to hold true for everyone:

1. You need good, unbiased information, often immediately.

2. You need someone in the medical professional whose opinions and advice you can trust.

3. You need to understand options, and make choices accordingly.

In an era that seems both recent and antiquated, we used to keep maps in our cars. This was, of course, because they told you how to get to there from here. It didn’t matter to the map if you were coming from north or south, east or west – the information presented was factual and unbiased. The ultimate route taken – that was yours to decide. But finding your place on the map, and learning the choices and alternatives – those were the only way to get somewhere new.

You are here.

Before we can decide how to get anywhere, we’ve got to know where we are.

It’s how we start determining the path in caregiving. We take an assessment of the situation at present – from health and wellness of our loved one to the financial scenarios at play. Note that the question is not ‘where do I wish we were’, or ‘where did I think we were’ – instead we must gather honest data, an inventory of our present reality as it is.

“Where are we?” is present and unbiased. It’s factual and removed.

Assessment is how we come to understand where we are. It comes in three forms – the self reporting of your loved one, the analysis you provide, and from the experts you engage to determine the present medical and care based needs. Contact us anytime online for a free, in- depth care needs analysis. We want the same thing you do – for loved ones to be exactly where they need to.

Next month, we’ll cover a more in-depth analysis you can undertake to better understand exactly what your loved one needs from a caregiver.

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