Each year it seems like the holidays rush in and take us by surprise.  We spend the whole year running especially those caring for their parents.   Now more than ever, we try to be superhuman. We make sure that our loved one is celebrated with the  grandkids, we run errands for our own kids,   we stay up late making meals and  yes, o f course wrapping gifts. Sometimes if we are lucky we get a thank you but more often than not  life passes with one huge sigh or sometimes a yawn.  We have to hold the family together.  We need to be there for mom and dad. We have to juggle unbelievable tasks and sometimes thankless errands.  But in the rush we lose ourselves and threaten our own sanity and health.  My wish for all caregivers worldwide is that we learn the gift of the present.  The present recognizes that we are human.  We are built to be loving, but not everlasting.  We are best in the present, not in the rapidly passing ” to do” clouds our minds churn out.  Can you remember when your mom or dad just smiled lovingly  at you.  When they enjoyed your presence and present even if just to hang out and watch TV without multitasking.   Sometimes we forget that even though they may be frail  and need our help, that the energy of calmness  can just feel loving to all .  Take time this season to give your self and your loved one the GIFT of THE PRESENT.  Stuff always needs to get done but memories are strongest  and times are best when you take time to enjoy the PRESENT.  Savor your time- it is the best use of your moments together. Thank yourself for all you do without thinking about what is next.    Just Breathe in and out slowly and  say  I am a wonderous gift from God.  Take another breathe and Tell yourself you are a special one of a kind Present. Take a  long  last breath in and slowly exhale   in calm serenity with a  warm smile of love for yourself and in fondness for those you love.

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