April Caregiver of the Month: Tanya Chisolm

A Letter from a Client Family for our April Caregiver of the Month

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Dear Elissa,   Here is our letter that explains why we feel Tanya deserves to be recognized as the caregiver of the month. Caregiver of the year 2017 would be even better! We are writing this letter because we feel Tanya deserves to be formally recognized for being such an outstanding caregiver. Tanya has been taking care of our mom for a year and a half, and we feel truly blessed to have her in our lives.   We are very grateful to everyone at CaraVita who was involved in matching her up with our mom>   We were immediately impressed by Tanya’s qualifications and experience, her patience and kindness, as well as her sincere desire to do her job well. Tanya captured all our hearts with her winning personality, sunny disposition, and great sense of humor.   She has made a significant impact on our mother’s life, not only by keeping her safe, but also by becoming her friend. Our mother is always happy and smiling when Tanya is around.   The following is a list of additional things we love about her:   1) She can easily deflect a difficult situation with her sweet personality and experience   2) She makes outings with mom an adventure, making sure mom is having a good time.   3) She is tech-savvy and knows how to resolve TV/cable/Roku, care monitor and clock issues, plus text, email, etc.   4) She is extremely reliable and flexible with her schedule and it’s obvious she has mom’s best interests at heart.   Thank you again, for Tanya and for everything.   Sincerely,   CARAVITA CLIENT NAMES OMITTED

2 Responses to “April Caregiver of the Month: Tanya Chisolm”

  1. Anthony Mitchell

    This is Awsome!! Such great care and love and appreciation. Tonya truly deserve Employee of the Month!!!

  2. Tracey Hawks

    I have seen this young lady in public with her client, Always smiling and in conversation with her client,What a blessing to have a good hearted person who is committed and loves the work she does!!


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