Hooray for CareStaff

Atlanta has not had a snow storm like this since the 90’s. Yet the spirit of caregiving is alive. Yesterday one of our cooks at Woodland Ridge walked 2 hours to get to work so that the residents would have more to eat than bread, cereal and milk. Other caregivers walked and parked their cars about 1/4 mile down the hill and brought their clothes to spend the night. Countless others are braving the roads where possible to get to the clients.

This pattern is playing out all over the south. At the Springs in Simpsonville, SC all management slept at the community so that meds and food could be given out to try and bridge the gap for the staff who could not get in. Everyone is pitching in where they can.

That is not to say that there are some places where vehicles will not go. For these clients, we and others are calling and trying to get vehicles to them and helping remind them of their meds as we seek a plan to reach them. Yes caregiving is alive, and while some of you are getting cabin fever take a moment to pray for the brave souls trying to help out the less fortunate who need our care. Thank you caregivers that you have a higher calling.

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