These smiling seniors are going to make you smile too

Two photographers in Russia (Illya Nodia and Irina Muravyova) were asked to take pictures of a senior care company’s residents from around Moscow. They asked them to smile, and then took beautiful portraits. These are the results; good luck looking at these beaming seniors without smiling too. Some things, they are just contagious, timeless and universal. Joyful seniors are on that list of things.

One Response to “These smiling seniors are going to make you smile too”

  1. Eunice Moyo

    They are so sweet and beautiful and innocent l love them we need to treat them like our own family.They look forward to us and trusting us more than ever .They need our love when they look into our eyes they should feel the true love in the care givers.They should not be afraid of the one who should be rapping and embracing them.what goes round comes back love my job l do it whole heartedly l fear God.


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