Patrice Bryant: January’s Caregiver of the Month


The first caregiver we’re celebrating in 2015 is Patrice Bryant! She has been with CaraVita almost three years and is one of our most dependable caregivers.

The family that Patrice works with says, “Even when my dad goes to the doctor’s office they tell us how lucky we are to have someone as consistent as Patrice. She exudes kindness and sweetness and is extremely understanding of the client’s condition. On a scale of 1 to 10, we would give her an 11. There simply are not enough words to say how thankful we are to have her!”

When visiting the facility Patrice works in, CaraVita’s own Elissa Ewald noted that “other residents have come up to me just to share much they admire Patrice’s kindness, consistency, and dependability.”

That kind of virtue – the kind that others go out of their way to share their appreciation for – is just the kind we’re proud to acknowledge. Congratulations Patrice!

2 Responses to “Patrice Bryant: January’s Caregiver of the Month”

  1. Elizabeth S

    Patrice Bryant is dedicated, capable, and giving. She is an exceptionally caring person with a caring attitude who goes above-and-beyond the call of duty. She is highly skilled. She self-initiates and performs her duties with knowledge and efficiency. She is a most reliable person as well as an excellent communicator.

    In summary, Patrice has a great work ethic! She works hard, always asking what she can do next. She is dedicated to meeting her customers’ needs, trying hard to identify what the customers’ real needs are and diligently working to fill those needs.

    My husband and I congratulate CaraVita on hiring such a wonderful care-giver!! We are more than blessed to be the beneficiaries of her outstanding services.

    • Dana Herron

      Thank you! We are honored to serve your family and honored to work with such great caregivers.


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