Homemaking and Meals

Caregiver Helping Client to Prepare Meal

Keeping your house up, especially tidying your room and doing personal laundry, can be a challenge when your mobility is affected. Our staff can help in this area. We can perform the following for you:

  • Make your bed
  • Change linens and towels
  • Clean your bathroom and bedroom
  • Clean kitchen before and after meals
  • Pick-up, dust, and vacuum your personal space
  • Empty your personal trash and disposables
  • Wash your personal laundry
  • Prepare you meals or get meals ready in refrigerator ahead of time
  • Buy and put up food
  • Transport you to store to assist in food selections
  • Take you out for dining
  • Clean out old food for safety
  • Assist in packing or unpacking on relocation or downsize
  • Remove clutter from walking areas
  • Remind families of unsafe situation encountered
  • Alert our staff for safety suggestions

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