Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care

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CaraVita Home Care’s commitment to Alzheimer’s and dementia care is highlighted by our proprietary Friends for Life program and our outreach in the spirit of awareness and activism. Beyond the caregiving itself, we advocate at the state and local levels for greater protections, offer social awareness programs like the Virtual Dementia Tour® to our community, and support medical research, all in the hopes that we can one day find a cure for the disease. If your loved one suffers from dementia, please contact us today.

Dementia Care Plan

Our Dementia Program is called Friends for Life.

It begins not with the client, but before they’ve ever met, in our shaping of the caregiver’s mindset. We charge all of our dementia-specialized caregivers with authentically becoming their client’s Best Friend.

A Best Friend will be a coach, a confidant, and a pal who provides reassurance as well as personal care. They’ll learn the life story, the unique personality, and will take stock of the little things that make your loved one so special.

Alzheimer’s and dementia care is painful for everyone it impacts, but by caring in the spirit of a very Best Friend, we can make the lives of loved ones as filled with peace and joy as possible. Our Best Friends invest the time to learn the full range of client abilities, needs and desires, and through this attention learn the unique voice of those we serve.

Our caregivers will learn your loved one’s Life Story.


Your Best Friend knows your Life Story. Through family interviews and time spent with your loved one, our goal is to learn the individuals life narrative, identify meaningful events in their past, and uncover their favorite pastimes to include in daily engagement. In understanding our client’s personalities, motivations, stressors, and hobbies we can weave their history, their unique selves, and their continued desires into a daily functional schedule, and we can fall back on knowledge during periods of behavioral change.

Now that we have your Life Story, we are able to build your Daily Schedule.

Care Plan Review

The best way to create a feeling of success with dementia patients is to set a reliable rhythm for their day. Taking information from the Life Story, and in connecting as Best Friends, we build a Functional Schedule that begins first thing in the morning and extends into overnight care. Your loved one can wake when they desire and begin participating in their favorite daily rituals – like having coffee early or taking their shower in the evening – with confidence that tomorrow morning, there will be coffee, and that their Best Friend knows the importance of their evening shower. The schedule takes into account all self-care activities and provides daily time allotments for your loved one’s favorite past times, whether sitting outside after dinner, listening to big band music, or dancing for exercise. Careful attention is given by trained caregivers to maximize each individual’s strengths and desires, so that each day has the familiar heartbeat of a successful rhythm.

Dementia is hard. We set the bar at “a continuous stream of Meaningful Moments.”

We define quality of life for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients as “a continuous stream of meaningful moments.“ Because our Best Friend caregivers rely on the daily functional schedule to provide rhythm to the days, we seek out the activities our clients want to be engaged in. While daily rhythm and schedule are critical in providing comfort to both early or late phase dementia patients, we focus our efforts on providing rhythms that align with what your loved one would actually want to be doing. While dementia may rob us of some memories and abilities, it does not bankrupt our spirits or souls. Each of us is still entitled to relationships, to connections, and to daily joy. It’s in this premise that we provide both connection and preferred daily activities to your loved one, building for each day a continuous stream of meaningful moments with Best Friends.

The Art and Science of Care.

Our caregivers maintain documentation of daily habits and behaviors. In measuring sleep, bodily functions, physical abilities, medication, mood, instances of agitation, behavioral outbursts, and bowel irregularities, we can understand the context of behavior and provide medical insight into changes or challenges. Our understanding guides clients towards success in daily activities. We lean into the medical, physical, and cognitive needs of our clients and formulate approaches to care that bring forth self worth. Our healthcare staff undergo regular training to recognize client strengths and the use of communication prompts and cues in care. We emphasize empathy in our caregivers through first-hand exposure to life with dementia symptoms during our monthly Virtual Dementia Tour® events. We conduct interviews with affected families and clients to offer our healthcare staff a window into the impact the disease can bring.

We are here for your family, too. Connect with us and we will be a support.

Even though it feels like it, you are not alone in this battle. Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia are among the leading causes of death in America, and the most common cause without a known cure. Though it is a devastating diagnoses, we are a support system for all who bear it’s burden. Throughout the care journey, our experienced nurses and therapist will coach you as a family in every way you need. We can direct you to local support groups, activism events, pending legislation, and resources across the spectrum of dementia-related topics. We also counsel in-home caregivers and the families they serve in best practices when new challenges in behavior or physical abilities occur. We offer monthly community eventsand access to a network of others hosting support groups and more.

It is typical early in the disease for a client to be rigid in their need for control and for a family member to be exasperated with new behaviors as they crop up. Understanding where you are in the continuums of grief and depression are important to your own mental and spiritual wellbeing. Many family caregivers wake up each morning to fight the slow and steady advance of the disease, while others have come to accept its impact, and others still find themselves careening between states of anger and depression.

Our goal is to help you and your family learn how to live with the disease. You cannot change the fact that your loved one has dementia, and we cannot today provide medical procedures or therapies to stem its tide. What we CAN do is help you learn a communication style to support your loved one in living a meaningful life.

For more information on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or memory care please contact us today. Expert advice and assistance is always available to support you.

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