Open Mike Night.

What serves coffee, is thousands of miles away and easy to laugh at in old age?

Technically, yes, Tevin the Portland area barista who writes poetry is correct… but we’re of course referring to the open mike comedy shows of the Laugh Cafe at Sibley Hospital in Washington.

Laugh Cafe is exactly what it sounds like — a room next to the hospital cafeteria where senior citizens go to tell jokes and laugh. Go ahead and say it. We both thought it.

It’s…a Laugh-fe.

In all seriousness, The Laugh Cafe opened in August of 2012, and holds monthly, hour-long laugh sessions. There’s a one-time forty dollar fee to join, which is not funny, but the benefits of laughing are well documented.

Word on the street is that the jokes range from groan-worthy to “a bit racy.”

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