New Year Cheer

As we begin the New Year let us evaluate what stressed us last year and how we want to address it this year. Caregiving is emotionally draining. You often fell bad when you think less than kind thoughts. Give your self a break as you are only human. Learning to forgive your thoughts and looking at how you can give your self some space each day is important to caring for a loved one. We are so engrained in helping and solving that often we go into autopilot mode in caregiving.

You have to pace, take breaks and learn if things get too much that it is okay to reach out for help. One of the main reasons I developed CaraVita Home Care is because I saw the emotional toll caring for my grandparents took on my mom. She had no resources or even someone to provide her with a break. For the cost of a good meal, you can get a caregiver once a week to give you some time off. You are worth it and you are a better careprovider when you are refreshed. Just as a machine cannot go 24/7, neither can you.

You are blessed with the mercy spirit so lavish a little on you and you will find ‘things’ said will slide off a little easier as you can look forward to your time.

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