Keep Warm, Keep Well

In anticipation of this week’s inclement weather, we are going to turn to a study and advice from the United Kingdom on “Keep Warm, Keep Well”.

Being over 65, having a low income, having long-term health conditions (ie heart, lung or kidney disease), or being disabled increase your risk of getting a cold, the flu, or more serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

If you are high risk for the flu, get to the doctor or pharmacy today for your annual flu shot.

There are some other simple ways to help prevent illness when it gets cold.

  • Keep your home warm! Set the living spaces between 65 and 70 degrees. You can also use a hot-water bottle or electic blanket (but notboth at the same time).
  • Eat well. Good nutrition is a vital source of energy that keeps your body warm. Keep active in your home and sip on hot tea to stay warm.
  • Layer your clothes to stay warm inside and out. Wear warm shoes with good grips to prevent falls. If possible, stay inside!
  • Check on your friends and neighbors. Make sure everyone is staying warm enough, and has enough food and medicine – and if you can get out, offer to stock up for them if needed.

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