Malbec – A Heart Healthy Wine

malbec grapes

Need a glass of wine after a long Wednesday? Order a glass of Malbec to quench your thirst and help your heart.

Continuing our coverage of delicious and heart healthy wines, we raise a glass to Malbec, one of the heart healthiest wines, according to the book Superfoods for Dummies by Bren Agin and Shereen Jegtvig. Enjoying a 5-oz. glass of this variety of wine per day can provide health benefits comparable to those reaped by drinking green tea, Agin and Jegtvig say. It helps in the prevention of heart attacks and stroke, while actively increasing your good cholesterol levels. The antioxidants in red wine varieties such as malbec and the preceding types may also prevent cancer and improve longevity.

So, Cheers to Malbec and all heart healthy wine!

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