Healthy Balance Approach to Living Independently

Life Story Reminiscing
Where do most people want to reside, regardless of age or health? At home, of course.  Yet chronic illness or dementia poses a challenge that many adult children or spouses of the frail elderly are unable to manage. CaraVita Home Care’s “Healthy Balance” program, designed by company  founder and  physical therapist Beth Cayce, supports clients needing professional personal care services at home. The “Healthy Balance” Program maximizes functional independence for clients through the following four key elements: 1.Restorative Care, 2.Psychosocial Independence, 3. Wellness, and 4. Use of Technology and Equipment Aides. Restorative Care is what differentiates CaraVita Homecare from other companies providing homecare. It entails a sound exercise program for the body, mind and spirit. Building on the clients strengths, the caregivers maximize their function through daily activity programs that encourage independence.  With the physically frail or those recovering from surgery, that may require mobility exercises, deep breathing, and relaxation. With those suffering from dementia, learning their Life Story and using old memories to stimulate cognitive engagement to create a Joy in the Moment activity have proven to be effective. Psychosocial Independence allows the care recipient to be securely in charge of his or her environment.  Caregiver personal chemistry and sensitivity are emphasized so that the clients can direct as much of their daily plan as safely as possible.  The Wellness principles addressed in the service plan include proper nutrition, medications oversight, promotion of good sleeping habits, bowel and bladder protocols, regular personal care,  behavioral interventions,  and appropriate cueing. Lastly, it is important what technology and equipment are available to support a safer home environment.  CaraVita created the first “Smart House” in Atlanta to demonstrate how technology and equipment can be used to foster independence in the home.   The Smart House showcases behavioral and activity monitoring technology, medication dispensing equipment, safe transfer devices, and adaptive equipment. Our commitment to successful outcomes and interactions drives every aspect of the homecare we deliver in order to keep people in their homes as safely and comfortably as possible. Our mission is with good care management to help families enjoy Quality Time through services promoting a Healthy Balance and a fulfilling Quality of Life.  

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