Beth Cayce: North Fulton Health and Wellness Champion for 2014

2014 Health and Wellness Champion

The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce named CaraVita Home Care’s Founder and CEO Beth Cayce the 2014 Health and Wellness Champion.

The award comes on the heels of 2012’s North Fulton Small Business Person of the Year award and 2013’s Georgia Small Business Person of the Year, as well as recognition from the GSLA in the form of the Beth Cayce Leadership Award, and the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s naming of CaraVita Home Care to Atlanta’s Best Places to Work.

The Health and Wellness Champion award is given annually to recognize one individual and one organization that have increased the well-being of the North Fulton community through the provision of health care services, services that support the Health Care Industry, or those who lead the way in bending the Health Care Cost Curve through technology or wellness support. Cayce is the inaugural winner of this award.

“I am so honored that our community values my team’s as much as I do,” said Cayce. “Too often, our seniors and aging loved ones are seen as an afterthought or as a burden. I created CaraVita Home Care in 1998 to ensure that our aging loved ones are never treated as either. My team and I have worked ever since to shift the laws of our community, the awareness of it’s members and the services offered by it’s companies towards providing the loving care each member of our population deserves.”

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