Family Testimonial

August 29, 2011

To whom it may concern

I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the exceptional care that Mary Miringu gave my close friend. It is refreshing to see someone who takes her duties as seriously as Mary did during the 12 weeks she was the primary caregiver to us. We needed a 24-hour caregiver, and Mary was excellent.

Mary, I feel, went above and beyond in her commitment to keep my friend bathed, clothed and medicated. She spent hours in conversation, and the two became good friends. She was very protective of her patient, making certain that she did not become too tired.

Mary’s attention to detail is commendable. She kept meticulous records of medications. She was up to date on the uses and side effects of the drugs prescribed. She handled making Doctor appointments and providing comfortable transportation.

Mary is reliable, going far beyond the contracted duties. On more than one occasion she stayed when needed to cover holiday and time she would normally have been off duty. Mary is able to physically manage a grown woman, getting her in and out of bed, chairs, wheel chair and the shower. She also planned regular trips to the yard and garden.

Mary kept the house very neat and clothing and bedding were cleaned regularly. Mary is an excellent cook and made delicious meals to tempt a very suppressed appetite. Friends who visited during this time made a point of letting us know how impressed they were with Mary’s hostess skills- always available but not intrusive.

We would readily endorse Mary as an excellent caregiver.

Jewell W. Cone

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