Cold Weather Exercise Tips for Heart Health

Exercise is an essential part of overall health, but even the most motivated among us can be discouraged by this cold weather. It is much easier to stay in by the warm fire, but continuing your exercise routine year round is important for your heart health

Exercising outside during these colder days actually has extra benefits. Getting out of the house can cure the winter blues, boost your immune system, and increase your energy level. Increasing your energy level tends to decrease bouts of colds. With the right winter workout gear and checking the weather, you can take your workout outside.

Recommendations for Cold Weather Exercise

    1. Start gradually to get into condition. Just like any other time of year, start slowly and stretch.
    2. Dress in layers. But not too warmly. Exercise creates heat and sweat, and needs a way to dry and escape. Avoid cotton which will absorb sweat and stay wet.So dress in layers that can be easily removed. They sell plenty of new fabrics that wick moisture away, so use this an excuse for a new workout outfit.
    3. Protect your hands and feet. When you get cold, your body send blood to your core which pulls it away from your hands and feet. Wear thin gloves under a heavier pair so they can be removed. Same with your socks.
    4. Cover your head. 50% of heat escapes from your head, so wear a hat or headband to cover your head and neck.
    5. Cover your mouth. Wearing a scarf helps warm the air before you breathe it in.

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