How to Know if You Need a Caregiver


An Overview and Guide to Help You Assess a Loved One’s Independence.

Every year, our phones ring a bit more in January. Seems like spending time with aging loved ones can shed light on changes in their independence needs. Whether you are a new client and member of the CaraVita community, a first-time caller seeking info, or a longstanding relationship – it bears repeating that we are here to humbly serve your loved ones.

Know Thyself

The first thing we advise anyone wondering whether to hire a caregiver, is to self-assess their current state of independence. Of course, we provide the tools to do so online, so no need to begin an introspective journey. But the reality is, the more we understand the current situation, the better we can plan for the future. At any stage of care, our online tool is a great first step to determine your loved one’s current care needs.

Click here to take CaraVita’s online Assessment of Care Needs.

Gather Information

Often times, if you haven’t seen your senior loved ones in months or even (dare we say) since last holiday season, difficult realities of their health, memory or independence can become apparent. It’s usually a tough thing to accept, but there comes a time in each of our lives where help becomes warranted. Learn everything you can – about your loved one, where they are at, and what it all means.

Listen to This Interview RE: Helping Aging Parents

Learn How to Administer the Mini-Cog Test

The Mini-Cog test is a 3-minute test you can administer for a loved one that will predict with 83 percent accuracy whether an individual is living with a cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. It’s available for free – click here.

Assessing Caregiving Options and Beyond

In upcoming articles here on our blog, we’ll discuss the continued steps in the process. From tips on starting the care conversation with loved ones, to key pointers in assessing the differences between myriad in-home care providers, we’ll be exploring the topics most helpful and directly applicable no matter your level of care need.

Ready to connect?

And if you find yourself ready to connect with us, we’re always ready to help. For first time callers and long time clients alike, we’ll always be happy to provide complimentary in-home assessments of your personal situation.

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