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  • Senior Nutrition

    SAFETY Is your loved one at risk to:

    Wander outside the home and be unsafe? You answered: [xralnz]

    [if 128 equals="Yes"]

    Wander risk

    [/if 128]
  • Be up all night roaming the house? You answered: [h819j7]

    [if 129 equals="Yes"]

    Does not sleep well, safety risk

    [/if 129]
  • Experiencing falls or bruises? You answered: [2uok8v]

    [if 130 equals="Yes"]

    Fall risk

    [/if 130]

  • Senior Nutrition

    NUTRITION Is your loved one having nutrition issues related to:

    Challenges preparing meals? You answered: [twrn0p]

    [if 132 equals="Yes"]

    Needs help with Meal Prep

    [/if 132]
  • Need for encouragement or assistance in taking proper nutrition and fluids? You answered: [ssxyfh]

    [if 133 equals="Yes"]

    Need assistance for nutrition/and or hydration

    [/if 133]
  • Need for assistance in feeding? You answered: [2ccw0u]

    [if 134 equals="Yes"]

    Needs help eating

    [/if 134]

  • Senior Shopping

    SELF-CARE Does your loved one need help with the following?

    You checked the following: [n9gnel]

  • DAILY ROUTINE Does your loved one need help during daily routine with the following?

    You checked the following: [uepm1t]


    Is your loved one having behaviors that interfere with their ability to function within the day and needs good prompts and cues or behavioral management plan? You answered: [ckpg8r]

    [if 140 equals="Yes"]

    Needs some behavioral management and or appropriate prompts and cues to make things easier to perform

    [/if 140]

  • Transitional Care

    Is your loved one recovering from a hospital or rehab stay and need short term help? You answered: [xke8mw]

    [if 142 equals="Yes"]

    May benefit from short term Hospital to Home Transitional Care

    [/if 142]

  • Training

    Is your loved ones physical and cognitive need requiring you to seek more assistance and training to provide care? You answered: [a2cde6]

    [if 144 equals="Yes"]

    Caravita may be able to train or coach you in care and supplement with a in home caregiver

    [/if 144]

  • Supportive Care

    Is your loved one in a senior living community, but needs more one on one care? You answered: [iy5pws]

    [if 146 equals="Yes"]

    We offer special programs for one on one care in Senior Living communities, you may qualify.

    [/if 146]

  • Caregiver Burden

    Is Caregiving affecting your health and peace of mind? You answered: [ub7b60]

    [if 148 equals="Yes"]

    Take care of yourself you are not invincible. Your role as caregiver puts you at higher illness and mortality risk. Call us and Let us help you even if it is with respite or education. CaraVita was born after watching my own mom decline from the stress of caregiving.

    [/if 148]

  • Additional Details You Mentioned Include

    What is your biggest challenge that caused you to contact us?


    Give us a call at 770-643-1712. We can help you.

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