Beth’s Advice to Aspiring Small Business Owners

Beth Cayce

Share Beth’s advice to aspiring small business owners; a feature via the Atlanta Business Chronicle

  1. Write a business plan, identifying best- and worst-case scenarios. Work the plan and revise as needed.
  2. Cash is king. Understand how positive cash flow is the key to success. Plan how to navigate this.
  3. Know the key drivers of the business for sales, operations, HR and finance and keep a focus on them.
  4. Persistence. You will have to do many things that perhaps others did for you in the past. You cannot procrastinate or ignore these things. Wake up each day and charge ahead even when tired or uncomfortable.
  5. Hire and train up to replace yourself and the things you do, while keeping in mind your best talents and recognizing theirs.
  6. Build a team atmosphere. Use humor to handle the tough times and always thank those who help you.
  7. Be realistic with who you are. You cannot do all things so do a few very well and train your employees to follow in that path.

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