Beth Cayce- Namesake and Inaugural Winner of Georgia-ALFA Leadership Award

Beth Cayce wins inaugural Georgia-ALFA leadership award.

The Georgia Assisted Living Federation of America’s (ALFA) Board of Directors has established the Georgia-ALFA Beth Cayce Leadership Award; an annual award to be presented to the individual who has made the greatest positive impact on the senior care industry and Georgia seniors. The award will be given each year to an individual delivering an unwavering commitment to improving the ability of Assisted Living communities to provide the highest level of care for our seniors in an environment free of excessive regulation and other roadblocks.

The first annual Georgia-ALFA Beth Cayce Leadership Award was given to CaraVita Home Care’s own Beth Cayce. The Board of Directors decreed that this award should henceforth be named after Beth Cayce in recognition of her lifetime commitment to seniors and the senior care industry in Georgia.

“The recipient of our inaugural Georgia-ALFA Leadership Award goes to a person who has personally touched my life in many ways,” said Alex Salabarria Past Chair of Georgia-ALFA. “In my early years of being a provider there were always names that I would hear as being the pioneers and leaders of our young and growing industry in Georgia. Some of those names have faded away. Some are still hanging around. But Beth Cayce has consistently continued to demonstrate an enormous amount of dedication and commitment to improving Assisted Living in Georgia. Personally, I strive to be just a fraction of the leader she has become and I consider her to be a mentor in my journey of caring for seniors. Her body of work may never be matched again and we all should strive to give back in the ways that she does. There is not a single area of our reach, whether it is through leadership, regulatory, legislative, training or quality of care initiatives Beth has not left her signature on.”

Please join us in congratulating the first recipient of the Georgia-ALFA Beth Cayce Leadership Award, CaraVita Home Care Founder and CEO, Beth Cayce.

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  1. Nancy Marvin

    It is a true honor to be working with Beth at Caravita Home care. She is a remarkable human being and leader in the senior care industry!!


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