Avoiding the Complications of Heart Disease


Cardiovascular disease is about more than your heart… having heart disease puts you at a higher risk for other complications, like stroke. Heart disease prevention is the first step in ongoing health, and many of the healthy living initiatives that can help prevent heart disease also prevent a host of other health concerns.

As if cardiovascular disease isn’t terrible enough on it’s own, it also increases your risk of other health complications, like stroke and high blood pressure. The best way to lower your risk is to understand how cardiovascular disease forms, be aware of the signs and symptoms, and see a physician to be properly diagnosed. Two predominant conditions – diabetes and high blood pressure – are directly linked to cardiovascular and heart disease. Because both are more prevalent among those who are overweight or obese, losing that holiday weight is an integral step in reducing your risks for these health concerns.


More than 18 million Americans suffer from diabetes. The good news is, more than 90 percent of all diabetes cases can either be prevented or significantly delayed. The most important factors in avoiding Diabetes are exercise and healthy diet. Keeping these same goals in mind will assist you in heart disease prevention.

High Blood Pressure

About one in every four adults has high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, there are a number of steps you can take to lower it. Maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise, reducing salt intake, drinking alcohol in moderation, and reducing stress are all great ways to lower your blood pressure and maintain healthy living.

So start living healthy, watching that weight, and monitoring blood pressure and heart disease symptoms. Your heart, and the rest of your body, will thank you!

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